Investing in a UWF Meal Plan has significant benefits for every UWF student. If you would like to purchase a meal plan, you may purchase online via this Nautilus Card link.  Just deposit funds to your Nautilus Card declining balance account first, then use those funds to purchase the meal plan of your choice. 

You may use excess Financial Aid funds to purchase a voluntary meal plan. First, you will need to verify the amount of excess Financial Aid you have available. You may check your remaining Financial Aid after tuition, housing and fees are paid using the CashNet - Pay Your Bills app at MyUWF. Then access the Nautilus Card Services app and select Voluntary Meal Plan. The form that appears will list the meal plan options that you have sufficient funds to cover. You can then select which plan you prefer and proceed with the request.

You will have two weeks to make a change. Unused meal swipes for meal plans expire each Saturday at midnight. Unused meal swipes for block and unlimited plans expire at the end of the semester. Unused Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring to summer semester and expire at the end of the summer term.

To Purchase a Voluntary Meal Plan

If you are not required to purchase a meal plan and would like to purchase one, it may be purchased online at the Nautilus Card office link.
  1. Make a deposit to your Nautilus Card in the amount of the Meal Plan you wish to purchase.  (Cards accepted: MC, VISA, and Discover; Convenience fee of 2.5% incurred). E-Checks are also accepted ($1.49 transaction fee applies).
  2. Purchase your Meal Plan using your Nautilus Card.
  3. Need help?  Click here to view detailed instructions for purchasing your meal plan.
  • Argo Unlimited Plus $2,463.00


    Argo Unlimited Plus

    • Unlimited Meals Per Week
    • $300 Dining Dollars
  • Argo Unlimited $2,239.00


    Argo Unlimited

    • Unlimited Meals Per Week
  • Argo 15 $2,109.00


    Argo 15

    • 15 Meals Per Week
    • $300 Dining Dollars
    • Two guest swipes per semester
  • Argo 12 $1,970.00


    Argo 12

    • 12 Meals Per Week
    • $300 Dining Dollars
    • Two guest swipes per semester
  • Block 100 $951.00


    Block 100

    • 100 Meals Per Semester
    • $100 Dining Dollars
  • Block 50 $536.00


    Block 50

    • 50 Meals Per Semester
    • $100 Dining Dollars
  • Block 25 $271.00


    Block 25

    • 25 Meal Per Semester
    • $50 Dining Dollars

Need help with your meal plan?

Marketing Manager
Kalesha Bogan